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    FMI SafeMark® Manager Virtual Course, Manual & Exam Options


    From a food safety perspective, the grocery industry is different from other food industries. Employees must be skilled in food safety practices to prevent contamination at any time they receive, prepare, handle, hold, or sell food.  

    The FMI SafeMark® Manager Virtual Course program is the only food manager training created BY retailers, FOR retailers, and provides supermarket managers and supervisors with the knowledge to train staff and achieve food manager certification.

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    Retail Food Safety Manager Certification Training (Supermarkets)


    TAP® Series Retail Food Safety Manager Certification Training (Supermarkets) unique teaching process allows for a real-time uninterrupted learning experience by using colorful graphics, animations, full-motion video, audio, and interactive learning exercises. We provide this media-rich training on any data connection, from the slowest dial-up to the fastest broadband. Major university studies show TAP® Series courses are so simple to use that person with virtually no computer experience use them easily. Educators appreciate the TAP® Series’ exceptional self-paced and self-teaching courses. The quality of these courses qualifies them for course credit while reducing already over-taxed time and facilities.

    All Online Courses are assigned with 24 Business Hours and once activated the course must be completed within 90 days of activation.