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Food Manager
Search for instructor-led, online, and self-study certification course and exams.
Food Handler
Search for online national approved food handler certification courses. This is a basic food safety course and is only for line level employees.
Alcohol Server/Seller
Search for an On-Premise, Off Premise, Gaming, Concessions, and University instructor-led & online certification course.
Search for Retail, Processor, Produce, Seafood or Water instructor-led, online, and self-study certification course and exams.
Food Allergens
Search for online national approved food allergens certification courses.
Food Defense
Search for nationally approved food defense certification courses.
Search for OSHA online courses that meet OSHA Standards for Managers, Supervisors & US Workers.
Professional Development
Search for Professional Development certification courses.
HR, Ethics & Compliance
Search for HR, Ethics & Compliance online certification courses & exams.
Environmental Health and Safety
Search for Environmental Health and Safety online courses and exams
Quality Management Education
Search for Quality Management Education online certification courses & exams.
Trades and Engineering
Search for Trades and Engineering online certification courses and exams.


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Food & Beverage Safety Training to meet quality assurance needs and regulatory requirements. Food Manager, Food Handler, HACCP, Allergen and Responsible Alcohol Service in a variety of styles to meet your training needs.
3rd Party Food Safety Audits
One of the keys to any successful Food Safety Auditing Program is to "know who you are buying from.". In order to do this, food suppliers' facilities should be inspected on a regular basis either by your own auditors, approved 3rd party auditors or combinations of the two methods.
Business Plans, Feasibility and Industry Trend Analysis
Business Plans, Feasibility and Industry Trend Analysis that provide accurate information for optimal decision making.
HACCP Plan Development & Implementation
HACCP Plan Development & Implementation to make sure SQF standards and regulations are met.
Menu & Nutritional Analysis
Menu & Nutritional Analysis to assist with the new FSMA & FDA Menu requirements.
QA Brand Audits
QA Brand Audits & Tune Ups that energize your consumer base and jump start sales.
Mystery Shopping Services
Mystery Shopping Services that give you an unbiased in sight of what your customers see in you operation.
Concept Creation
Unique Restaurant & Bar Concept Creation that spark trends and capture the imaginations of the people they serve.
Pre Opening Consulting
Pre Opening Consulting & Marketing that guide your operation through best practices and towards profitability.


What are our clients are saying about us?


"It was so nice to have an industry person certify my management team with the ServSafe® Manager Program.  They put things in terms they understand and the lowest grade in the group was an 89%."

JANE ADAMS New Orleans, LA

"It was awesome that I was able to get my team trained on our schedule.  I was amazed that HRBUniversal offer's training 7 days a week and we were able to do the class on a Sunday."


"My operation needed a HACCP Plan completed with in 30 days to get a variance.  Chef Brad made it easy to get completed and implemented.  I will say I was hesitant in choosing HRBUniversal since they had the highest quote, but the health department approved it with out resubmitting any revisions.  That saved so much time and MONEY since it was done correctly."


"The health department told me I had to have a HACCP plan to do what I wanted to do.  I called around and the prices I got were more than I could spend being a new business starting up.  I to HRBUniversal's Special Process HACCP Training Class.  It saved me major $$$$$ plus I am able to understand the process and make changes in the plan as needed."


"I had several issues with lowering Health Inspection Scores and contacted several of the big 3rd Party Audit Firms.  Two of the big 3rd Party Audit Firms conducted private inspections for us but we still had issues.  They told us what we were doing wrong but did not give up a solution in order to solve.  A friend of mine told me to call Chef Brad with HRBUniversal and talk with him.  Chef Brad came out and looked over the operation as well as conducted an inspection.  Our score was around 20 points lower than my regular inspection score. But, he gave use solutions and they stuck since in two weeks later we got a 98% with our health inspector.  The inspector was so impressed how my team had changed."


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