Always Food Safe® Food Protection Manager Training



What’s Included in this Package?

  • Complete Around Your Lifestyle. 8 Hours of Training that covers everything you will need to know for the final exam.

The Benefits of Always Food Safe

  • Your Health Inspector will Accept this Certification – State Accepted, ANSI Accredited Online Food Protection Manager Certification that is accepted throughout the state.
  • Available in English & Spanish – Our exam is available in both English & Spanish, so you can take the exam in the language you feel most comfortable in.
  • Video Learning – We are the only company around to offer video learning, our course is far more engaging and entertaining than anything else out there.
  • 100% Online Training – This training is 100% online and once completed you can arrange your exam in your local testing center or HRBUniversal Proctor.

Why Always Food Safe?

  • Putting Theory into Practice – With Always Food Safe’s training, we don’t just teach you the theory, we show you how to put this into practice in your day to day life. Our experts take apart the theory and break it down into real-life situations and give you ideas in regard to implementing it into your role.
  • Interviews with Industry Experts – Our Food Protection Manager training is packed full of interviews with industry experts from some of the biggest foodservice establishments in America. Getting their experience, insight, and knowledge is invaluable as an educational resource; they see Food Safety in a way that most people don’t even think about. 
  • Fun & Engaging Content – We wouldn’t wish 8 hours of PowerPoint slides on our worst enemy, nevermind people we are trying to help. That’s why we use video learning and try and keep the content as fun and engaging as we can.

The purpose of this ANSI Accredited Food Protection Manager Training is to provide managers the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee safe storage, preparation, and service of food.

  • All learning is mapped against the 2017 FDA Food Code.
  • Video Learning is broken up into 23 chapters that last no longer than 20 minutes each. With it being 100% online, you can complete the training around your lifestyle.

Below is a breakdown of the chapter content:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The “Journey of Food” – Contamination
  • Chapter 3: The “Journey of Food” – Importance of the Food Handler
  • Chapter 4: The “Journey of Food” – Time & Temperature Control
  • Chapter 5: The “Journey of Food” – Purchasing to Store Room
  • Chapter 6: The “Journey of Food” – Preparation
  • Chapter 7: The “Journey of Food” – Service
  • Chapter 8: The “Journey of Food” – Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Chapter 9: The “Journey of Food” – Food Safety Management
  • Chapter 10: The “Journey of Food” – Facilities and Pest Management