Webinar on FTC proposed ban on restaurant fees

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Restaurant operators could be forced to scrap service fees and other surcharges under a new proposed rule from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a rule that could upend restaurant pricing. Under this plan, operators of any size could face federal penalties for using service charges to compensate waitstaff or credit card surcharges to help with exorbitant swipe fees.

Join the webinar, Tues., Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. ET to learn:

What types of fees are restricted?

How menu prices may need to increase to absorb rising costs associated with the FTC’s proposal.
How the National Restaurant Association will push back on and seek to shape the FTC’s proposed rule.

Register here – https://restaurant.org/events-and-community/events-calendar/federal-trade-commission-seeks-ban-on-restaurant-fees/