Reschedule Policy & Request

/ Reschedule Policy & Request

HRBUniversal does not reschedule an Instructor-Led Course & Exam until Instructor-Led Course & Exam session registration is closed. Instructor-Led Course & Exam sessions close (7) seven calendar days at 9:00 AM CST. HRBUniversal reserves the right to reschedule any Instructor-Led Course & Exam or exam due to size, sickness, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances and maybe under registration closing date.  You will be notified via the email used for registration up to (3) three calendar days prior to Instructor-Led Course & Exam session date.

Instructor-Led Course & Exam sessions up to 6 people for are subject to be rescheduled if the minimum registration is not met. HRBUniversal reserves the right to combine classes in order to meet the Instructor-Led Course & Exam session minimums within a 60-mile radius of the Instructor-Led Course & Exam session that the person has registered. If the Instructor-Led Course & Exam session has been rescheduled, your registration will be moved to the next Instructor-Led Course & Exam that will be held within a 60-mile radius of the original registration location within 60-days and you will be notified by email the day & time of course or exam session. Instructor-Led Course & Exam sessions may be rescheduled multiple times in a 60-day time period from the original class date until Instructor-Led Course & Exam session minimum is met.

If an attendee needs to reschedule. This request must be made on Eventbrite by clicking on the order number or request a HELP TICKET be created in our online chat.  This must be requested before (7) seven calendar days at 9:00 AM CST to be rescheduled at no extra cost.  No, reschedule request will be taken on any communication channel of than Eventbrite - OR - by requesting a HELP TICKET be created in our online chat..  When making the request please include the following with your request:

  • Original session date and location
  • Requested session date and location

Please keep in mind only the contact person can make the request and must be requested from the email address used for registration.  You can view a full list of sessions at

When making this request your registration is condered as a new registration and is subject to the Course & Exam Details your read and agreed to during the original registration other then it will non-refundable if the original session was conducted on the date of your original registration.

Rescheduling under (7) seven days at 9:00 AM CST will be charged a $60.00 rescheduling fee to cover the cost of shipping of materials, meeting space and instructor fee.  All request must be made by the contact person & contact persons email address. If rescheduled attendee may attend any Instructor-Led Course & Exam session that HRBUniversal holds any time up to 12 months from the original course & exam date.    

Once a request is made it may take up to (7) seven business days for a response from the scheduling department and all rescheduling fee(s) must be paid (7) seven business days at 9:00 AM CST before class date to secure your new registration.

No refunds will be given for missed or participant cancellation of training or exam registration if they can not attend the rescheduled training or exam session.