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Our Remote Courses deliver the learning benefits of live, instructor-led courses through an interactive, convenient and cost-effective virtual platform. With HRBUniversal Remote Courses, you can join a live training event from any location, while engaging and learning as if you are physically present in the classroom.

By supplementing many of our current Instructor-Led Courses with online technologies that bridge the geographical distance between trainer and trainee, we can more effectively share our world-class training, while maintaining our commitment to quality.

The majority of our food safety 2022 Instructor-Led Courses offer a remote option! Just look for the word "Remote" on the sidebar of the course page for all the sessions available.

Our Remote Courses utilize technology to bring learners into the classroom environment, whether they are located in-person or remotely. Many of our current seminars have been modified to effectively engage both in-person and online participants while continuing to deliver the high level of quality learning that clients know from HRBUniversal.

That includes the addition of various interactive elements, including polls, quizzes, games, and prompted web searches all by live stream to your computer, tablet, or phone.

Participation online through this format can also be more cost-effective for trainees, as it reduces associated travel costs.
Sending trainees to an off-site training location may disrupt their daily job role or ability to achieve work-life balance. This format decreases that inconvenience by allowing trainees to participate from their preferred location.
HRBUniversal Virtual Courses provide the same training and interactivity with the trainer and their fellow classmates that are expected through live training. This back and forth between teacher and students is difficult to attain through a self-paced online course.

These sessions are in-person sessions conducted by industry professionals.
These remote courses are instructor-led while you are in your office or home by live stream.
Scheduled a proctored exam with one of our proctors in person, at a testing center or with a remote proctor.
With the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year access of online course, you are always in control of how, where and when you train.