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PageLines- NRFSP-HACCP2.pngNational Registry of Food Safety Professionals is your most trusted choice in delivering prompt, cost-effective, personal certification to your managers responsible for food safety. National Registry is your go-to source for Food Safety Manager Certification, HACCP Certification and Food Handler Certificate Program. When you think food safety, think National Registry. National Registry takes great pride in examinations and service delivery standards and practices. Customer service representatives are available via phone, email, live chat, and Twitter. When you contact National Registry, you won’t get an automated response. You won’t be forced through a series of operator prompts. You will interact with a knowledgeable customer service representative who will guide you through the entire process of purchasing items through the online store, ordering exams, administering and proctoring exams, or finding training and testing locations. Whenever you need assistance, you can count on personal service from the National Registry team.

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Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager National Registry of Food Safety Professionals developed the Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager Examination to measure the level of food safety comprehension of workers in the retail and manufacturing industry who must follow HACCP plans. This certification is intended for workers in facilities such as food manufacturing, processing plants, food packing, and warehouses storing food for human consumption. A Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager should be able to perform the following functions: Conducting preliminary activities, conducing hazard analyses, establishing detailed control measures, conducting verification activities, conducting operational implementation activities, and conducting continuous improvement activities. Because HACCP is a management system that touches raw material production, procurement and handling, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of food, National Registry worked with a global team of food safety experts to link HACCP principles in the development of an examination that would comprehensively address the HACCP system within that wide range of organizations.

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International Certified Food Safety Manager (ICFSM) The International Certified Food Safety Manager program is accredited by ANSI under both CFP and ISO/IEC 17024 standards. You play a major role in keeping food safe. As part of your job, you need to know how to protect the public from foodborne illness. Taking this exam will help you measure how well you understand food safety and show you how to apply this knowledge in the workplace. This program has been developed to assess the knowledge and skills of entry-level food managers in the food industry. To become an International Certified Food Safety Manager, you must pass the ICFSM exam.

  • The exam consists of 80 questions and 5 pilot questions that must be completed in 120 minutes.
  • Questions are multiple choices.
  • You must achieve a minimum weighted score of 75 to pass.

Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers Course The First Principles certificate program, available online and in a classroom setting, provides food handlers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely handle foods for human consumption. Successful completion of the program assures food managers, regulators and trainers that the certificate holder has completed a basic course in food safety. The First Principles course and assessment is based on substantial review and analysis of the current state of knowledge, regulations, and requirements in the field of food safety as reflected in the FDA Food Code, professional literature, and industry practice and is recommended for people involved in the preparation, handling, serving and displaying of food. The First Principles program is the comprehensive and covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Contamination and Cross Contamination
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Potentially Hazardous Foods/Time Temperature Control PHF/TCS
  • Pests

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