*Alcohol Seller/Server Certification (Not State Specific)

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Certification for Anyone, Anytime.

Many States in the U.S. require a seller/server certificate, permit, or license before a person can legally sell or serve alcohol. Even if your State does not require seller/server training most companies hold liability insurance where employees must undertake an alcohol safety certification program.

To acquire a bartender safety, alcoholic beverage safety, or responsible alcohol vendor certification you must take a seller server alcohol safety course.

This mobile-friendly self-paced online training course is offered in both English and Spanish.

Alcohol seller server course objectives:

  • Alcohol Seller-Server Safety Training Introduction.
  • Correct Identification, Minors, and Alcohol Sales.
  • Intoxicated Persons and Alcohol Sales.
  • Private Club Rules and Other Permits.

Please note

Most employers require bartenders, seller servers, door staff, and cashiers employed in the food, restaurant, or beverage industry to be “Seller-Server Certified” even if not State mandated. This means an employee must pass an alcohol safety awareness program.