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With the 24/7 access of online training products, you are always in control of how, where and when employees train. In addition, online exams allow you to access immediate results.
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HRBUniversal offers a wide variety of training & exam options. Search for Classroom Training, One on One Sessions, Private Classes, Self Study and Proctored Exam. Click the button below to search our selections.
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HRBUniversal administers the following exams - ServSafe®, NRFSP®, Prometric®, SURE™, AllerTrain™ and TiPS®. Depending on the area if the exam can be proctored in person or at a testing center.
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HRBUniversal offers private onsite classes & exam 7 days a week for your convenience. Send us an email for more information.

Training Certification Programs Worldwide with HRBUniversal. HRBUniversal represents the most current and comprehensive food, beverage and operation training programs in the industry.  Our years of experience and inside knowledge of the foodservice & hospitality industry are at the core of our courses, exams and materials we represent.  We also have reliable materials, flexible options, and expert training team all with 10+ years in the industry.

Examinees are encouraged to verify through independent sources that can help determine if an individual is affiliated with a legitimate business prior to registering and/or paying for a class or exam.

All HRBUniversal training classes with exam sessions registration closes seven (7) business days before class date at 9:00 am & all One on One sessions close three (3) business days before session date at 9:00 am.  If registration  is still open only electronic tickets can be purchased.

Please note that these individuals are not authorized to sell, advertise, and/or teach National Restaurant Association Solutions courses (i.e., ServSafe) nor administrate/proctor any National Restaurant Association Solutions exams. Please notify us immediately at (888) 291-6462 if you become aware of anyone on this list engaging in these activities.