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PrintThe ManageFirst Program, created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and managed nationally by National Restaurant Association Solutions, is a management development program that equips students with the key competencies they need to begin or advance their management careers in our demanding industry.

Program participants receive industry-respected training that prepares them to confidently lead our ever-growing industry. This management program teaches practical competencies needed to face real-world challenges in the industry.

The National Restaurant Association has created exams that measure knowledge on general procedures, core principles, technical skills and the how's and why's of cooking and baking.

The certificate exams attest that students have met the learning objectives and have full knowledge of the principles and practices of the culinary arts. Because the exams evaluate the student's grasp of generally accepted principles of cooking and baking, they can be used as a capstone for any culinary program.

FMPThe Foodservice Management Professional® (FMP®) credential represents excellence across the industry.

The Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) certification recognizes exceptional managers and supervisors who have achieved the high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism that is most valued by our industry.

The FMP credential not only signifies a professional's mastery of competencies to potential employers, but it's also an important tool that helps the industry recruit, retain and reward qualified employees.

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Satisfying your customers and making them want to return is an essential part of your restaurant’s success. Employees may not always have the skills needed to provide exceptional service. Restaurant scenarios will teach employees how to listen to customer needs, handle difficult situations and demonstrate outstanding service. Employees learn key elements such as 

  • Being knowledgeable, professional, and attentive 
  • How to handle an unhappy customer 
  • Staying focused on the customers 

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Do your employees know what is illegal and what is not when it comes to harassment and discrimination? 

Help employees identify and prevent harassment & discrimination with four key training areas:

  • What is Discrimination? 
  • Identify Quid Pro Qua Harassment 
  • Understand Hostile Work Environment Harassment 
  • Handling Harassment 

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Embarrassing photos or confidential information that could harm your business can quickly become public through social media. Can employers prevent employees from sharing inappropriate photos or sensitive company information? 

“Being Social Media Smart” teaches employees how to be responsible when representing themselves or their company on social media platforms.