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HACCP Plan Development - The concept of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) within the food industry is one that was first developed to help ensure the safety of astronauts in the NASA space program. A properly functioning HACCP program is designed to evaluate and follow the flow of food or food-related products throughout an operation and allows employees at all levels of operations, manufacturing, processing, warehousing and distribution to identify conditions, deficiencies, abnormalities and risks which may occur during the production of food or food-related materials and which represent a resultant risk to customer and consumer safety.

From receiving to distribution--whether in food product supply, retail operations, food service, ingredients, manufacturing, converting primary or secondary packaging, creating finished product or repacking--the HACCP process has been globally embraced, implemented and identified as the food safety process "gold standard." Since its origination, the application of HACCP has been consistently expanded to apply to suppliers, processors, providers, converters, handlers and re-packers supporting the food industry.

Due to the success of HACCP, a broad array of sectors within the food support industry have adopted HACCP and HACCP principles in their everyday operations--either as mandated by local, state or federal regulatory agencies or as a means of attaining and maintaining a more comprehensive food safety and self-inspection system that goes far and beyond the basic concepts established by prerequisite programs, SSOPs (Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures) and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). 

HRBUniversal's experience as past regulatory agents and industry professionals allow us to quickly and efficiently integrate our knowledge of the food industry and related support functions with requirements of the many regulatory agencies and industry self-policing organizations who oversee HACCP and other benchmark programs within the food industry. We can develop your entire HACCP and safety programs, ensuring that each of the seven principle steps of HACCP is adequately addressed, including:

  1. Identifying Hazards
  2. Identifying Critical Control Points
  3. Setting up Procedures and Standards
  4. Monitoring Critical Control Points
  5. Taking Corrective Actions
  6. Developing HACCP record keeping systems
  7. HACCP program Verification

HRBUniversal stands ready to assist you with all of your HACCP development needs, including verification and validation.

HACCP Plan Development