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HealthGuard: Professional Food Manager Certification Training


HealthGuard: Professional Food Manager Certification Training 00076
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NSF International (2006)

Owners and managers of food service establishments have a responsibility to provide safe food to their customers. Operators need to understand that the consequences of inadequate food safety knowledge or poor hygienic practices can be very serious. In this class, participants will learn their responsibilities as they relate to providing safe food to customers.

This course focuses primarily on the following areas of safety:

  • Hazards and Sources of Contamination
  • Employee Health and Personal Hygiene
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Equipment
  • Facilities and HACCP
This course can be used on its own by individuals taught in either a one or two day format and is customizable to client specific needs in order to prepare food operators for one of the three nationally accredited exams—Environmental Health Testing (National Registry of Food Safety Professionals), Prometric LLC and ServSafe®.

Features include: The lowest price among comparable national course books.

  • Lessons that support all nationally recognized food manager certification exams, including Prometric LLC, ServSafe®, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.
  • Full color throughout the book.
  • Chapter activities for each lesson. The fun and challenging activities include quizzes, word puzzles, and case study discussions that are taken from real health department experiences.
  • Definitions for key terms in the margin on the pages where they are first introduced, plus a full glossary of all key terms.
  • Valuable appendices on how food managers should train their employees and on what to do in the case of a foodborne illness outbreak.
  • An exhaustive reference list of food safety-related websites and publications.
196 pages, paperback.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Food Safety
Introduction to Foodborne Illness

People at Risk
Potentially Hazardous Foods (Time Temperature Control for Safety Food)
Five Risk Factors for Foodborne Illness
How to Ensure Food Safety
Rights and Responsibilities
Consumer Rights
Management Responsibilities
Person in Charge

Chapter 2 Hazards and Sources of Contamination
Food Safety Hazards

Physical Hazards
Chemical Hazards

Food Allergies

Biological Hazards
Intoxication vs. Infection
Bacteria and FAT TOM
Fungi, Molds and Yeasts
Biological Toxins

Chapter 3 Employee Health and Personal Hygiene
Employee Health and Hygiene

Diseases Not Spread Through Food

Proper Handwashing Technique


Clothing, Hair Restraints, Jewelry

Chapter 4 Safe Food Handling
Receiving, Storage and FIFO

Minimum Cooking Temperatures

Thermometer Calibration

Holding Temperatures

Hot Holding
Cold Holding
Using Time as a Public Health Control for Food Safety
Cooling Foods
Thawing Foods
Freezing to Control Parasites in Fish
Date Marking Requirements for Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food)

Cross Contamination

Checking Product Temperatures

Returned Food and Re-Service of Food

Chapter 5 Equipment
Food Equipment, Cleaning and Sanitizing



In-Place Cleaning and Sanitizing

Chemical Usage and Safety

Types of Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment
Cooking Equipment
Manual Warewashing
Warewashing MachinesTypes of Equipment
Storage of Clean Utensils and Equipment

Cleaning and Maintenance Schedules

Chapter 6 Facilities
Facility Layout, Design and Construction

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
Handwashing Sinks

Chemicals and Storage

Waste Management Practices

Pests and Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management
Potable and Non-potable Water

Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Imminent Health Hazards

Chapter 7 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
What is HACCP

Food Safety Hazards

The Seven Principles of HACCP

Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Identify Critical Control Points
Establish Critical Limits
Monitor Critical Control Points
Establish Corrective Actions
Validation and Verification
Appendix A: Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites Tables
Appendix B: Training Your Employees
Appendix C: Response to Foodborne Disease Outbreaks
Glossary of Terms
Web Sites and Publications on Food Safety
Recognized Exam Providers
Chapter Quiz Answers
FDA Forms (Inspection, Health Screening, HACCP)
Posters (Cooking Temperatures and Handwashing)
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