Food Poisoning

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    FMI SafeMark® Manager Virtual Course, Manual & Exam Options


    From a food safety perspective, the grocery industry is different from other food industries. Employees must be skilled in food safety practices to prevent contamination at any time they receive, prepare, handle, hold, or sell food.  

    The FMI SafeMark® Manager Virtual Course program is the only food manager training created BY retailers, FOR retailers, and provides supermarket managers and supervisors with the knowledge to train staff and achieve food manager certification.

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    Food Protection Manager Tutor Session


    This is a two (2) hour Food Protection Manager Virtual Tutor Session is to help you prepare for and of the ANSI-CFP Accreditation Food Protection Manager Exams.

    You are in control of this session ask our approved Food Manager Instructor/Proctor anything whatever you want to help you achieve your Food Protection Manager certification. This session does not guarantee you will pass the exam since we are not in control of what you answer but will help you prepare whether you have not passed the exam previously, rectifying or just need that one to one session after completing the self-study, online or virtual course.

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    Food Safety Management Principles Virtual Course, Manual & Exam Options


    Trusted by thousands of food managers around the country as their go-to source for everything relevant to running a quality food service establishment. Food Safety Management Principles Virtual Course: For Managers updated to the 2017 FDA Food Code revision plus the, provides the fundamentals of food safety and discusses concepts such as temperature control, cooking and cooling, cross-contamination, proper hygiene practices, equipment cleaning and sanitizing, and more.

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    SURE™ Food Safety Manager Virtual Course, Manual & Exam Options


    The leading solution for foodservice and retail establishments food safety is an essential part of any food service or retail operation. Understanding the risks and ways to prevent foodborne illness will protect customers and businesses from harm. The person-in-charge of a food service or retail establishment must know how and what food safety practices to monitor. Proper food safety training can lead to improved food safety, brand protection, and customer satisfaction. The SURE™ Food Safety Manager course is written to provide the person-in-charge of a food service or retail establishment the knowledge and skills that they will need to keep food safe. Learning and applying food safety practices protects customers and businesses.