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TiPS® for Off-Premise teaches your staff how to recognize when a customer is intoxicated or underage


TiPS® for Off-Premise Virtual Course teaches your staff how to recognize when a customer is intoxicated or underage. In addition to preventing the illegal sale of alcohol, store employees learn how to handle intoxicated customers and keep them from harming themselves and others. The intervention techniques reflect the short period of time a clerk has to interact with a customer.

Even when alcohol is sold “to go,” employees may encounter alcohol-related problems. Clerks must be especially careful to avoid selling alcohol to underage or intoxicated customers and they usually have little time to assess the situation when making the sale.

TiPS® can help improve relations with your community. TiPS® training demonstrates a commitment to work to prevent alcohol-related problems and a desire to be a part of the solution. Liquor boards and local authorities tend to look favorably on stores that incorporate TiPS®, which can lead to more lenient penalties in the event of a liquor violation. TiPS® for Off-Premise can also help a store protect itself from possible litigation and often results in reduced liability insurance premiums.


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Alcohol and It’s Effects

Effective Server Responses

Legal Information

ID Checking Process

ID Checking Process

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Evaluating Cues

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