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Food Management Professional® Program

The Foodservice Management Professional® (FMP®) credential represents excellence across the industry.

FMPThe Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) certification recognizes exceptional managers and supervisors who have achieved the high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism that is most valued by our industry.

The FMP credential not only signifies a professional’s mastery of competencies to potential employers, but it’s also an important tool that helps the industry recruit, retain and reward qualified employees.

How to earn the FMP credential

The FMP credential recognizes your professional excellence in the restaurant and foodservice industry. This designation not only denotes an outstanding personal achievement, but it can be highly beneficial to your career as it communicates your knowledge, leadership and professionalism to future employers.

There is no specific training course associated with the FMP Exam. The FMP Certification Exam assesses candidates on knowledge and skills directly related to job activities.

Follow the four steps below to begin the process of earning the FMP credential.

Those who successfully complete the Exam and meet all other requirements listed below are awarded the FMP designation.

Step one: Meet FMP eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the FMP distinction, candidates must meet the minimum work experience and training requirements before applying to take the FMP Exam.

Requirements for FMP eligibility.

To be eligible for the FMP credential, candidates must meet both of the following prerequisites before beginning the application process:

  • Minimum Work Experience – Candidates must have three (3) years supervisory experience in a restaurant or foodservice operation. – or – If candidates hold an associate degree or higher in business or hospitality, only two (2) years supervisory experience are required.
  • Specialized Training – Candidates must have earned a Food Protection Manager Certification within a five (5) year period prior to applying.  The Exam must meet the intent and scope of the Food Protection Manager Certification Program standards and criteria as established through the Conference for Food Protection (e.g. ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Exam).

Step two: Complete FMP application

All applicants must be approved by National Restaurant Association Solutions (NRA Solutions) prior to taking the Exam.

Mail your completed application with the required documentation and payment for the $150 application and certification fees to:

National Restaurant Association Solutions
Attn: Course Administration Department
175 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1500
Chicago, Illinois 60604-2702

Applications are typically processed within three to five business days of receipt by the NRA Solutions’ Exam Administration Department.

Qualified applicants will be notified of their acceptance to take the FMP Exam within two weeks of submitting the application. Applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirement will receive a $100 refund, as there is a nonrefundable $50 processing fee.

Upon approval of the application, examinees receive an acceptance letter, an Exam Request Form (ERF) and a list of proctors in their state.

Step three: Study for the FMP Exam

Upon acceptance of your FMP Exam application you can begin to study for the Exam.

The FMP Certification Exam is an un-timed two-section Exam that includes 175 multiple-choice questions. The Exam covers five core areas of management: operations, human resources, risk management, unit revenue and cost, and marketing. Applicants must pass both sections of the FMP Exam to earn the certification. Examinees must answer 59 out of 75 (78%) questions correctly on Section I and 76 out of 100 (76%) questions correctly on Section II. Examinees only need to re-take the Section of the Exam they did not pass.

Candidates may take either Section I and Section II together or separately. Sections I and II can both be taken up to three times within one year from the candidate’s acceptance date.

We recommend that examinees utilize the FMP Certification Exam Review Manual to prepare for the certification Exam. Click to order the FMP Certification Exam Review Manual.

ease note: NRA Solutions has recently invested in a revision of the FMP Exam that brings it in line with the latest FDA Food Code and with current research on responsible alcohol service practices.

If you are using the FMP Certification Exam Review Manual, be sure to review ServSafe® Essentials, Fifth Edition, which includes all the key elements of the latest FDA Food Code, as well as the ServSafe Alcohol® Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service textbook when preparing for your FMP Exam.

Step four: Schedule and take the FMP Exam

Once you have been accepted to take the FMP Exam, you will receive an Exam Request Form and a list of Proctors you can contact to schedule your Exam.

After you have prepared for the Exam and are ready to take it, contact an FMP Proctor in your area from the list of FMP Proctors.

When you have confirmed your Exam date, please complete and submit your Exam Request Form.

If no FMP Proctors are listed for your state, please contact the NRA Solutions Exam Administration Department at (800) 765-2122 ext 5910 In Chicagoland, call (312) 715-1010, ext. 5910.

We require 9 business days notice prior to sending out an Exam. If less than 9 business days notice is given shipping charges will apply. Once the Exam Request is received the Exams and Answer Sheets are sent to the proctor.

All steps completed: After the FMP Exam

Once you have taken the FMP Exam, you can log on to to check your exam score. Your FMP Exam Proctor will also be sent your Exam score.

Exam Answer Sheets are scored by NRA Solutions and results are available within three to four business days from receipt of your Exam for grading, at All of the following are required to access your score information:

The Class Number (should be recorded on your Exam Answer Sheet tab)

Your email address with name and city/state/zip code is clearly recorded on your Exam Answer Sheet.

Your only option for receiving score information if the above is not done is to contact your Proctor.

Note: NRA Solutions staff will not provide this information to you and will only direct you back to your Proctor.

Passing the FMP Exam places you in select company. You will have joined the ranks of industry professionals who have proven their high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism. The FMP Certification is also an impressive credential to add to your title. Finally, in honor of this impressive achievement, NRA Solutions will send a plaque to commemorate that you have passed the FMP Exam and have earned your FMP Certification.

Plaques will be sent within two to three weeks upon completion of grading the Exam Answer Sheets. The FMP Certification is permanent.

Should you have further questions about the FMP Certification or process please contact the NRA Solutions Exam Administration Department at 800-765-2122 ext 5910.