What is AllerTrain U ™?

/ What is AllerTrain U ™?

AllerTrain UAllerTrain U ™ provides a clear understanding of food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, celiac disease and other special dietary needs of college and university students and offers best practices for food allergen and gluten-free food service management. The live online webinar, guided by an AllerTrain™ professional, lasts approximately 90 minutes. The curriculum builds off of the basic AllerTrain™ training session, but with specific information relevant to the college and university environment.

Who Should Take AllerTrain U™?

AllerTrain U™ is designed for directors of university and college dining services, executive chefs, nutritionists and registered dietitians, kitchen managers, cooks, servers and anyone else involved in providing meals in an on-campus setting.

A special session of AllerTrain U™ can be scheduled for an entire university food service team.  Just give us a call at 855.4.HRBUNI (855.447.2864) .