What is AllerTrain K-12 ™?

/ What is AllerTrain K-12 ™?

AllerTrain K12AllerTrain K-12 ™ increases awareness of the growing prevalence of food allergies among school-aged children, and provides simple solutions to ensure safer standard operating procedures to create a safe cafeteria for every child. The live online webinar, guided by an AllerTrain™ professional, lasts approximately 90 minutes. The curriculum builds off of the basic AllerTrain™ training session, but with specific information relevant to the K-12 environment.

Who Should Take AllerTrain K-12™?

School Nutrition AssociationAllerTrain K-12™ is designed for administrators, food service managers, nutritionists and registered dieticians, cooks, line servers and anyone else involved in providing meals to students in elementary, middle, and high schools. AllerTrain K-12™ has been recognized by the School Nutrition Association.

A special session of AllerTrain K12 can be scheduled for an entire school or school district food service team. Just give us a call at 855.4.HRBUNI (855.447.2864) .