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Does your kitchen have a safety net?

Show your customers you care with an allergen and gluten free certified seal. MenuTrinfo®’s kitchen audits will go from loading dock to table top reviewing each step along the way. You will gain the tools to monitor, identify and control allergens and gluten within your menu and ingredients. Our kitchen audits will provide and educate “best in class” plans, policies and procedures for serving those with special dietary needs.

Services Include:

Hands-on review and analysis of your kitchen to identify:

  • Potential cross-contact issues.
  • Storage and ordering review for ingredient safety.
  • Any current practices that may introduce a potential allergen or gluten contaminant into food.
  • No SOP? MenuTrinfo® can develop your Standard Operating Procedures by taking pictures, observing, and helping you create standard practices to share with your staff.
  • Your staff will receive direct training from one of our experts to enhance and improve current practices for special dietary requests.
  • Full support and assistance throughout the auditing process.

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